Grassroots Exchange and Mobility

The Project

The 2021 EU- Mobility action’s general objective is to give the opportunity to staff of sport organisations to improve their competences as well as qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility.

The Hungarian School Sport Federation - as a member of the Moving Schools Alliance – planned to deliver a project focusing on knowledge and experience sharing between experts from West-Balkan region and countries involved in the Moving Schools Alliance. The alliance is an initiative of ISCA, EUPEA, Youth Sport Trust International and Hungarian School Sport Federation. The alliance – which is open to all organizations on the field - functions as the central hub of international and national stakeholders and practitioners in all dimensions of school and children’s sport – physical activity, physical education and grassroots sport in order to strengthen their international (European) presence and visibility.

The project - according to the EU-Mobility action - would focus on grassroots sport, by improving the knowledge and know-how of sport staff and developing international cooperation in the field of learning mobility in sport.

In our proposition grassroots sport includes school sport and physical education as well, since these areas have tremendous effect on the overall level and quality of grassroots sports and physical activity.


Overall objective of the project is to use mobilities and exchanges to develop individual competencies and organizational networks that will drive sport participation and mutual relations forward between 5 Western Balkan countries and 5 EU partner countries.

  1. Developing competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of physical activity or sport experts involved in mobilities and knowledge transfers;
  2. Establishing and strengthening networks and securing long-term relations and cooperation between partners;
  3. Based on the historical and cultural understanding between the applicant and the Western Balkan countries, we aim to find common grounds for empowering Western-Balkan, channeling good practices between the involved EU Member States and the Western Balkan countries.


The project focuses on grassroots sport, including school sport and PE, since these areas have tremendous effect on the regularity and quality of current and future participation in grassroots sports and PA of the students involved. Aiming primarily at the school sector, we defined 3 dimensions. In each dimension tendencies, good practices, strategies are shared, know-how and competence enhancement would be bilateral for all partners.

The proposed dimensions are:

  1. The association of sport sector and educational sector – the state of school sport
  2. The basis of grassroots sport – physical education, school sport and physical activity in schools
  3. Peer volunteering in school sport and school physical activity

Each dimension is processed by the partners through online surveys, workshops (with “real-time” demonstrations of the chosen good practice), short analysis, where at the end all partners will be able to identify those outcomes, recommendations or good practices, which are the most relevant for their respective situation.

The project’s estimated duration is 24 months.


"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

Technical information of the project:
  • Project: Grassroots exchange and mobility - empowering youth sport professionals
  • Project Coordinator: Hungarian School Sport Federation
  • Funder: European Commission
  • Programme: EAC/S07/2020 – Preparatory Action - Exchanges and mobility in sport
  • Reference: EAC-2020-0610
  • Timeline: 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022