Hungarian School Sport Federation (HSSF) is the biggest civil organisation in the fields of youth sport and education in Hungary. It has received public benefit status according to Hungarian law which means that the activity of the organisation is recognised by the state as of public interest. The Federation, founded in 1987, went through a major transformation in 2012, extending its mission beyond school sport: HSSF decided to support teachers to implement quality physical education, and to promote health-conscious, future-oriented lifestyle through regular physical education and fitness assessment. The mission of our organisation is therefore significantly wider today than it was before: the main goal is to increase the number of children who are actively involved in physical activity programmes and promote the concept of health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) and grassroots sport. HSSF also participates in promoting values like volunteering and social integration through physical activity. To effectively follow these goals, we are also keen on strengthening our international activities further.

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Sport for Education and Health is a Spanish NGO working at an international level on the promotion of sport as a tool for values such as education and promotion of healthy lifestyles among students, families and staff of schools. DES could be defined as a technical and social initiative, as well as an independent (financial, political and geographically) Committed to sport as a tool for education and health. DES creates knowledge with very committed educational institutions recognizes and distinguishes committed schools and institutions investigates and innovates. DES aims to promote and strengthen SPORT as a vehicle for education and health and to promote the training and transfer of good practices among sports education professionals and educational centers. DES organizes activities of retraining, professional development and other training activities demanded by teachers, educational centers and professionals of physical education. DES aims to facilitate the access to other services and basic products of interest of professionals of the education and the sport related to the professional activity. DES also aims to support sports education professionals in projects aligned with the values of our Association, promoting solidarity, development, peace and global citizenship.

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International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of sport for all, recreational sport and physical activity. Created in 1995, ISCA cooperates with its 260 member organisations from 89 countries, international NGOs, and public and private sector stakeholders. Collectively, its members have up to 40 million individual members representing a diverse group of people active in grassroots sport and physical activity promotion.

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Youth Sport Trust International is a sport for development charity which uses the unique power of sport to improve the life chances of young people around the world. We are the international arm of the Youth Sport Trust, a UK based charity devoted to building a brighter future for young people. Over the past 10 years, Youth Sport Trust International has inspired young people in over 60 countries across five continents. We have an outstanding track record of delivery and a reputation for effective partnerships, having established relationships with the British Council, UK Sport, UNICEF and United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, as well as European partners and Governments. In the UK, YST has developed a Quality Mark which is an online self-review tool to support schools to audit their provision of physical education and identify priorities for development.

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The Albanian School Sport Federation, known as Federata Shqiptare e Sportit Shkollor (FSHSSH), is an NGO, founded in Tirana (Albania) in 2016 by PE teachers’ associations members. The federation has extensive experience and expertise in implementing projects, school sport events for all children aged 6-18 (including children with special needs), moving entertainment games for kids in kindergarten aged 3-6, in delivering professional trainings for PE teachers and kindergarten teachers in Albania (theoretical and practical) and in leading scientific seminars, conferences (national & international), school championships, workshops, as well as publishing books and studies on educational standards. FSHSSH’s work is guided by scientific principles to take care of the health and wellbeing of the Albanian society and is the leader for implementing the new scientific strategy ‘Physical Education Scientific Platform in the Pre-University Education System in Albania’. The Federation cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and other authorities related to youth, sport and health in Albania. It has a strong cooperation with international school federations and is member of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA); International School Sport Federation (ISF) and Albanian National Olympic Committee (KOKSH). The federation cooperates extensively for the development of physical education and sport with all Regional Educational Directorates of Albania, with the members of PE associations and other experts. FSHSSH involves all actors in its work together: the support of school staff, PE teachers and other teachers, including students, parents, leading citizens, decision makers, sport centres, sport clubs, record men and women/talents, public health, media and the wider community. Through physical activity and sport, FSHSSH helps to foster societal change by addressing the urgent need to improve the health and activity level of our younger generation.

Movement builds health!

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ZDRAV ŽIVOT – KINEZIS, Bosnia-Herzegovina

The approach of the association "Zdrav život - KINEZIS" is interdisciplinary with a strong reliance on MOVEMENT as an irreplaceable phenomenon and innate human need. Therefore, the projects run by the association are based on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the importance of physical exercise. The association organizes mass sports and recreational events. Leads physical exercise projects for vulnerable groups such as people with Down syndrome. We pay special attention to the youngest through the organization of various sports courses.

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Koha ne duart tona is a non governamental organization founded in 2011 in Vushtrri, Kosovo. KNDT was founded to identify the problems that young people face and the possibility of organizing various activities for the benefit of young people, develop local and national partnerships and building a democratic culture in decision-making and cooperation with communities, develop economic activities that would lead to employment and improve conditions for young people. Since 2018 KNDT started being part of different sport projects and grassroot projects in Kosovo, as a helping hand the organization has been part of projects with different sportive Kosovo stakeholders. Social Inclusion Sports (European week of Sport 2019), Sport Festival Prishtina 2019 and some other grassroots projects are part of our past projects. We aim to build more capacities in terms of our human resources for the Sport Program that we have in order to reach different topics that can be raised through sport.

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The Federation of Sport Pedagogues of Republic of Macedonia (FSPRM) was founded in 1953 and is one of the oldest federations in the Republic of Macedonia. It works in the field of professional development and scientific development of PE teachers, sport pedagogues, coaches and all types of sport workers. Its activities are oriented in organization of educational workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses and symposiums for sharing and exchange of knowledge, good practice, experiences and scientific results; initiation and realization of projects and researches aimed to improve quality of work of PE teachers, sport workers and coaches; organize many practical workshops to improve the practice in PE, organization of different activities that promote PE, physical activity, health and wellbeing of children, youth and other age groups as well as health and wellbeing of PE teachers, coaches and sport pedagogues etc.

The Federation actively works in the segment of scientific work and international cooperation. In this regard, one of the traditional activities of the FSPRM are traditional International Scientific Conference of Sport and Physical Education of Youth (17 years in a row) and International Symposium on Sport and Physical education of Youth (24 years in a row). At this events, PE specialists, coaches, scholars and scientific workers from Balkan and European countries participate and cooperate. These events are followed and supported with publishing of two international scientific Journals “Research Kinesiology” (publishing 49 years in a row, first established as “Physical Culture” and since 2011 renamed in Research in Kinesiology) and “Activities in Physical Education and Sports” (published 11 years in row).

The Federation closely cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science and other related ministries, the Agency of Youth and Sports, the Macedonian Olympic Committee and other sports federations; Universities, Faculties and Departments for sport and PE in North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary etc. It also has well established cooperation with similar international federations including federations from Hungary, Bulgaria and Albania. The FSPRM is also a member of EUPEA.

In respect of its members and professional education, it counts over 1.500 sports pedagogues from North Macedonia, most of them with high education in the field of kinesiology. A part of them are Masters and PhDs in that field. A significant number of them are active members in the Federation working bodies. The federation has a close cooperation with schools in North Macedonia and has well establish network with PE teachers and schools from all over the country.

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NGO TAKT (Together Advancing Common Trust) is a non-governmental organization which work in built on three main strategic pillars: Empowerment of girls and women; Strong advocacy agenda on advancing gender equality, Peacebuilding and social cohesion through sport. Our programs have allowed girls and women to use their leadership skills to capitalize on their education, to express their opinions and ideas and to take action on issues of societal importance. Consequently, our sport based programs have become a powerful tool for challenging patrichal social norms and furthering development goals. In addition, TAKT’s goal is to harness the power of sport to promote inclusion, reconciliation and peacebuilding. We implement Sport for Development and Peace as a social intervention strategy which uses sport to address peace and objectives, building o the targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. TAKT has established the first Sports Diplomacy Programme on grass-root level, and we provide expertise and inputs on promoting the strategic approach of EU Sports Diplomacy. We are an impact driven organization that ensures our services deliver tangible change in the lives of the young people we support. TAKT is a women-led organization

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School sport in Serbia have a tradition for more than 50 years. The system of competitions started in 1969/70.
In the beginning, competitors were only competing in five (5) sports (athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball and football). Since 1976/77, every four years, Federation started to organize Olympic sports games for the students and so far 10 Olympic games were held. Today school sport is a priority in the development of sport of the Republic of Serbia. With its programs and activities, Serbian School Sport Federation creates conditions that involve more children in sport activities. The system of school competitions today have 135.000 competitors both, boys and girls. In addition to competitions, the Federation has started other educational programs and in this way included 40.000 more students.

Programs of Federation:

  • National school sports competitions (14 sports)
  • International program
  • Project „Sport in Schools“
  • Project „Student reporter“
  • Project „Your like for our dance“
  • Project „Healthy Growing“
  • Project „School sport day"
  • Professional development (accredited seminars)

From 2016. Federation was host of major international events under the auspices of International School Sport Federation:

  • 2016 World School Championship in volleyball
  • 2018 World School Championship in basketball 3x3
  • 2019 World School Championship in football
  • 2020 ISF General Assembly
  • 2021 ISF U15 Games
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EUPEA is the umbrella organisation of the national Physical Education Associations in Europe, representing approx. 200.000 individual members (Physical Education teachers) in 32 countries. EUPEA’s vision is to promote Physical Education as an important educational area within the school system and the training of young people. Its mission is to guarantee the presence of Physical Education within the curriculum through a continuously adjusted and actualized argumentation and lobby for the position of Physical Education in all countries of Europe. One of EUPEA’s core objectives is to continuously investigate the situation of Physical Education and school sport in the different member countries in Europe. EUPEA’s specific expertise lies in the field of Physical Education (PE) and school sport as well as in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE). Besides, EUPEA has an excellent multi-level Physical Education and school sport network in Europe consisting of National Physical Education Teacher Associations, Physical Education teachers and corresponding schools. EUPEA could profoundly contribute to the project by its expertise and networks in the field of Physical Education and School Sport. EUPEA conducted several studies on Physical Education and school sport in Europe (compare Onofre et al., 2012; Holzweg et al., 2014; Marques et al., 2014). The experience from these studies and activities could also be brought in the project.

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The 2021 EU- Mobility action’s general objective is to give the opportunity to staff of sport organisations (athletes) to improve their competences as well as qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility.
The project - according to the EU-Mobility action - would focus on grassroots sport, by improving the knowledge and know-how of sport staff and developing international cooperation in the field of learning mobility in sport.
In our undertaking grassroots sport includes school sport and physical education as well, since these areas have tremendous effect on the overall level and quality of grassroots sports and physical activity.

"This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein."

Technical information of the project:
  • Project: Grassroots exchange and mobility - empowering youth sport professionals
  • Project Coordinator: Hungarian School Sport Federation
  • Funder: European Commission
  • Programme: EAC/S07/2020 – Preparatory Action - Exchanges and mobility in sport
  • Reference: EAC-2020-0610
  • Timeline: 1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022